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Melanie began reading Harry Potter books when they were first published in the United States at age eight. She was introduced to the series by her mother who would borrow the audio books from the local  library. After listening to the books in the car, Melanie would steal the tapes (yes, cassette tapes) and listen to them before she went to sleep every night. After a disappointing event in which a "friend," spoiled the end of the sixth book, Melanie took some time off from the series before completing it in 2009. 

After returning from a trip to Israel in 2012, Melanie's first trip abroad, she discovered the brilliant idea to collect Harry Potter books from all different countries around the world. She had no idea that this was going to be the beginning of an incredible journey. 

Ten years later, Melanie has all 97 versions (which includes adaptations, transliterations, and translations) of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. She also collects entire sets of languages with unique cover illustrations. Most importantly on this journey, Melanie has met some other wonderful Harry Potter collectors that she has gained life long friendships with. 

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