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Foreign Variations of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone has been printed into 97 official versions. These 97 books are composed of unique translations, adaptations of those translations (meaning certain things were changed from the original translation to better meet the needs of a dialect), retranslations (Korean was the most recent book to be translated a second time), transliterations (meaning the book was written in a different script), and other variants

The five adaptations include Chinese (traditional), Serbian (Montenegrin), Spanish (Latin American, and Southern Cone), English (American), and Valencian (Catalan). 

The two transliterations are Braille from English, and Serbian Cyrillic.

Click on each book for additional images and information!

The entire series wasn't printed for every version! Languages like Asturian and Greenlandic were ONLY printed for the first book in the series! Others may have the entire set printed in that language, but in different cover illustrations. That means that there are some languages like Czech, Icelandic and Hungarian that have a completely unique cover illustration for the first book in the series, but not for everything else. Many of the 97 variations come with a variety of cover illustrations that can be unique to that version, or mimic that of very common books. 

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