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Kazu Kibuishi

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

15th Anniversary Edition

In 2014, Leakycon hosted Kazu Kibuishi after the release of the 15th anniversary Harry Potter set. Unlike the 10th anniversary book, Scholastic hired Kibuishi to create new and unique illustrations for the entire set of books. These paperbacks were released in 2013 and depict anime styled characters and illustrations on their covers, characteristic of Kibuishi's other works.

At this Leakycon, authors and illustrators were signing books to those who held "Lit passes" and met these people during a designated time. Fortunately for those who did not hold the lit pass, Kibuishi also held an informative Q&A where he showed before and after inspiration for his illustrations. It was at this time that this particular book was signed. 

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